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About DeShawn Marks

DeShawn Marks is not the type of guy to sit back and let things happen to him, rather, he knows that his legacy is up to him and will be determined by the choices he makes and the chances he takes. DeShawn’s mission is to share his experience, knowledge, and passion with others, so they can achieve their dreams. As a successful businessman, husband, father, entertainer, life coach — only to name a few — DeShawn will inspire you with his story and motivate you to radically transform your life. 

DeShawn Marks’ Biography 

DeShawn Marks’ life started on the 23rd of May in 1981­ in Wichita Falls, Texas. He overcame and endured many setbacks in life that he is now grateful for because they help develop him into the man he is today. He has even found understanding in the extremely hard decision his parents made when they decided to put him out of their house at the age of 18, causing him to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia.

When it comes to dedication, passion, and hard work, DeShawn Marks exemplifies the crux of these traits. The position he is in now and all the businesses that he owns didn’t happen overnight. It took an extremely fierce drive and the utmost sincerity to work towards building a standardized lifestyle that has made him a successful entrepreneur. DeShawn is a multitasking businessperson who is currently involved in multiple ventures along with various organizations that he runs simultaneously today.

His journey as an entrepreneur has proven to be worth going through the ups and downs, impediments, and intricacies that life put before him. How splendidly he dealt with them isn’t something that you get to see every day. Presently, he is a fashion solutionist for his brand “I’m Legendary”, which is based on promoting self-love and awareness. The hope is to instill an action mindset to think better so you can live better — and your fashion should express your lifestyle. Parallel to this, DeShawn is the co-owner at Omniv8rse, a character-based entertainment company that designs and develops characters through literary works, digital content, animation, film, music, live/online events, and other forms of various media.

Being a leader in business management and continuing his knack for business consultancy and advisory, Deshawn started FranOption in 2008, an establishment counseling and consulting firm that has helped a wide range of individuals everywhere around the world purchase various sorts of establishments. He fabricated a plan of action focused on minorities to help bring established brands to underserved communities. Over the long run, DeShawn advanced the business brand to not just assisting potential new franchisees, but he began to help the franchisor by helping them find the gaps in their business model which in turn helped them achieve more of their business goals. DeShawn has since added more layers to his firm and created new lanes which have allowed him to pivot his business model where he works with a lot of different professional athletes today. DeShawn is hoping to develop a new plan of action again proportional to another industry area in 2021 as he looks to continue to evolve and help more people.

Deshawn set himself on another path to succeed where he embedded his passion and ambition for writing. He has written his first book, Grind from the Inside Out, which is scheduled for release in 2021. This book is based on how you can deal with the troubles that lie within. It encourages you to live to the fullest and manifest what lies within. Apart from his very happening business ventures, he is married and has two daughters. The definition of success varies from person to person, but DeShawn believes that if you recognize your passion and work to find your purpose out of your passion you will gain prosperity that will set you free.