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Why Becoming Your Goal is More Powerful Than Chasing It

In a world dominated by success stories, many start with a relentless chase, whether for dreams, ambitions, or milestones. But what if the real power lay not in the pursuit but in something profoundly internal? What if, instead of running after our goals, we could attract them by simply becoming them?


The cultural fabric often weaves tales of those who chase their dreams tirelessly, battling obstacles and emerging victorious. Movies, novels, and even inspirational seminars all glorify the perpetual hunt, painting it as the only path to success. Yet, many find themselves exhausted, running on an endless treadmill, rarely pausing to ask, "Is there another way?" If you ask the everyday person, "What does it take to reach your goal?" the most likely idea response is, "Chase after it relentlessly and work harder for it." What! Chase after it and work harder for it. Everybody thinks that the harder you work, the more you will get. Now imagine, for a moment, that instead of reaching outwards, you turned inwards. Rather than chasing a goal, you transformed into it, embodying every essence of your ambition. This isn't mere daydreaming—it's a shift from external pursuit to deep internal alignment. History and biographies are laden with stories of successful people who didn't just chase dreams; they lived them every moment.


Often deemed esoteric or dreamy, the Law of Attraction pivots on a fundamental principle: like attracts like. If you resonate with the frequency of your goals, they naturally gravitate towards you. It's not magic; it's resonance. Studies in psychology have shown that people who align their behaviors, thoughts, and emotions with their objectives are often more successful than those who merely pursue them. When you become your goal, a remarkable transformation unfolds. The anxiety tethered to the chase dissipates. The journey has an inherent joy, a satisfaction that doesn't hinge solely on the outcome. Moreover, by being in sync with your ambitions, success isn't just probable—it's inevitable.


  • Visualization: Each day, picture yourself as having already achieved your goal. Feel the emotions, revel in the triumph.
  • Affirmations: Speak to yourself, for words have power. Remind yourself that you are your goal, not a seeker of it.
  • Daily Alignment: Cultivate habits that mirror your aspirations. If you wish to be an author, write daily; if you seek fitness, embrace a healthy lifestyle.
  • Environment Matters: Surround yourself with people or situations that reflect your goal's essence.


The path to becoming is full of challenges. There's a fine line between attracting goals and passivity. This isn't about waiting for the universe to conspire but aligning with it. While the chase can be tiring, neglecting action can be equally detrimental. It's a harmonious dance of being and doing. So before you jump in my comments and say something about how you have been waiting, nothing has happened. Waiting is not becoming; remember, it's an alignment of being that will provoke you to start doing, fueled by your thoughts. Goal attainment needn't be a relentless chase. There's profound power in alignment, in resonating with our dreams. Let us not merely chase milestones; let's live them, breathe them, and ultimately, become them.