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Meet A True Grinder: DeShawn Marks

Get to know the man behind Grind From the Inside Out

Become a True Grinder

DeShawn Marks is the man behind Grind From the Inside Out, the brand new book written to help you find your true self and succeed. Read on to learn more about Marks and how his experiences have led him to the present day where his goal is to share those experiences with others.  An image of DeShawn Marks, successful entrepreneur

Successful Entrepreneur

Getting his start selling watches in Wichita Falls, Texas at just 13, the foundation for DeShawn’s drive and vision was laid early on. It takes a uniquely special and driven person to be able to see the value of something so adult at such a young age, but it’s these sorts of experiences that helped Marks develop into the successful businessman that he is today. Today, he is the owner of a successful management and consulting firm, assisting high net worth individuals in the development of their investment portfolios.
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Overcoming Obstacles

He has been able to build on these experiences and overcome various obstacles, using them as a means to fuel his success moving forward. Sharing these experiences with his clients, his obstacles become part of your roadmap to success, allowing you to learn from them.
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Business Success Coach

Always looking to move forward and progress in his career, Marks started Fran Option in 2008, an establishment counseling and consulting firm that has helped individuals acquire establishments. Marks had the goal of helping minorities bring established brands to underserved communities. Over time, he was able to help franchisees find the gaps in their business models and achieve their business goals. Fran Option has continued to grow and expand in a variety of ways under the guidance of Marks, working with a variety of different individuals throughout the years.
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Your Guide To Success

For Marks, it wasn’t enough to be an entrepreneur, and it wasn’t enough to be a business success coach. He knew that he wanted to help people even more than he already has, and the next logical step for him was compiling his experience and knowledge into a book, so as to share his knowledge with as many people as possible. That book, Grind From the Inside Out, takes Marks’ own experiences and uses them as a means to motivate and inspire others to discover their true potential. Best of all, it’s a quick read and designed for you to come back to over time, offering you insight and advice throughout your journey to success. DeShawn Marks has spent years gaining experience and knowledge as an entrepreneur and beyond, but his journey has only begun as he prepares to help you find your own success. Grind From the Inside Out can help serve as your guide to not only inspire you, but help you blaze your own path to success.

Become a True Grinder