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3 Ways To Feel Empowered & Not Confined By Your Goals

Three helpful tips from DeShawn Marks, author of Grind From the Inside Out.

DeShawn Marks’ Grind From the Inside Out is a fantastic new book that’s designed to help you find your true self and achieve your goals. Drawing on his own experiences over the years as well as from helping others succeed, Grind From the Inside Out is a must-own for anyone looking for guidance for their grind. Pick up your copy today!

No matter who you are, it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed by your goals. This is incredibly common, and in this blog post, we’ll take a look at a few tips to help you feel empowered and not confined by your goals.


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Learn to Find Balance

Many people forget that life is about balance. It’s not possible for you to succeed at your grind if you’re doing it all day, every day. Not only will you burn out quickly, you won’t be nearly as efficient as you should be. Meditation is a great way to balance out the effort and time spent on your grind, as it clears your mind and helps you refocus. It’ll help you stay grounded and provide you with the mental clarity you need to succeed.


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Write Down Your Passions

Writing down your passions can help you stay focused and understand what your goals are. While your grind of choice may be one of your passions, it’s important for you to remember the big picture and understand what your other passions in life are. Doing this can not only help you stay focused and help restore your overall purpose, but it can also help you see how your grind fits into the overall picture of your life. When things can get overwhelming, it’s good to take a step back and be reminded of your passions and overall purpose.

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Change Your Perception

It’s common to feel confined or frustrated by your goals, but oftentimes, it’s just a matter of perception. Sometimes you may think that a situation is going poorly when, in fact, you’re just in transit to success. In other cases, you may perceive your contemporaries or competitors to be doing better than you, only to find out that things may not be going as well as you may have initially thought. Perception is everything and sometimes, our perception isn’t always accurate. Changing the way you perceive things-be them your own situation, evaluating that of others, or some combination of the two-is a great way to help you reset, refocus and not feel confined.


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Download the 15 Day Blueprint PDF

DeShawn has just released a brand new, entirely free, PDF called The 15 Day Blueprint On How to Grind From the Inside Out, an all free guide to help you on your journey. All the information contained in this free PDF can easily help you feel less confined by your goals — visit to download the free PDF.

Those are just a few tips to help you feel empowered and not confined by your goals. Insights like these and more can be found in DeShawn Marks’ book Grind From the Inside Out. Buy your copy today!

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